Plagius – Plagiarism Detector 2.4

Finally the version 2.4 of the Plagius has been completed, let’s see the news of this version:


New Plagius result screen, currently in revision 2.4.5

– The result screen has been split in two:
Primary: where the analyzed document is displayed by dividing the screen with the list of URLs. The URLs can be marked and cleared, updating the document in real time.
Details: The information less relevant was placed on another screen, which is accessible through the button “Details…”.
– The list of URLs now allows ordering;
– The form of calculation of the percentage has been changed, now it takes into account all text, instead of only the searches;
– Internal improvements to abort analysis and concurrency control, both prevent crashes;
– Also fixed an old bug that displayed a different percentage between the main screen and the result screen;
– Important improvements have been made in the search engines: in addition to other adjustments, the search engines will be selected according to the analysis phase. In summary, this will make the analyzes better and a bit faster;
– Double clicking on an item in the analysis list will open the result;
– Fixed issue that eventually displayed error messages from other programs while running Plagius;
– Improvements have been made to prevent the analyzes from being stopped by 99% or Plagius crashes;
– New feature to save all analyzes (new button in the tab of analysis of multiple files);
– It is now possible to drag and drop files to be analyzed;
– Added contact screen inside the program, so it is easier to contact support and send the program logs;
– Reorganization of the code and improvements in obfuscation, making the program more stable;
– Unexpected errors will display a window to automatically send error content to the support;
– Minor fixes, including: improvements on search engines and translations.

The download of the Plagiarism Checker can be done at:


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